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About Us

Two Thumbs Up is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia that provides youth and young adults with autism and other special needs social opportunities to connect with neuro-typical peers and each other. We connect with teens from all over the city and “pair” them with individuals on the autism spectrum. In that sense, every event we host is diverse and we like to call it a “being together” group, not an autism or special needs group. We all get the opportunity to share together and learn from each other. 



The name 'Two Thumbs Up' was inspired by one of our very own members who expresses excitement and happiness by giving you a Two Thumbs Up sign! That joyful smile and simple gesture was all it took to see the impact Two Thumbs Up is creating in our members lives. Therein the phrase "Two Thumbs Up" holds a deeply symbolic meaning. The number Two signifies the joining of two parts (our community and members) to create harmony, balance, and co-operation.  A Thumbs Up sign is a form of communication and expression of approval and support. In combining the elements of each, we embrace the founding principles this organization promotes. We hope you join our cause and give us Two Thumbs Up! 

Our Mission

Our Vision

To create lasting social connections for individuals with and without autism, always together.

Our Mission

Two Thumbs Up provides social opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum to connect with same age neurotypical peers. By collaborating with local businesses, we offer a diverse array of meaningful activities in our local community. 

These groups are so important because many individuals with disabilities lack enough opportunities to 'be together' with others for regulating and informal activities. The basis of all human experience is pure connection, and I believe this is something that is fundamentally lacking in our weekly routines, especially for teens and adults with autism. 

Dr. Rabun Robertson, Founder

We Need Your Support Today!

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