Frequently Asked Questions

Are these events limited to individuals on the autism spectrum?

No, we welcome any individual over the age of 14 to attend and/or participate, regardless of diagnosis.

Does a parent or gardian have to stay with the individual for the duration of the event?

A parent or guardian must be present for the event. It is recommended that the parent use their own judgment to determine how much "space" to give their teen or adult to connect with other peers and volunteers that will be present.

What if my teen or young adult exhibits unwanted behaviors?

We understand that each person has unique sensory and motor differences and these should and will be celebrated. However, if the individual has a history of exhibiting aggressive behaviors towards other individuals, we ask that they not participate at this time.

Are the waivers required?

Yes, if you or your child is interested in participating in any of our events, waivers must be completed and returned prior to the event. All volunteers are also required to sign the waivers.

What if my teen or young adult choses to sit out at the event?

While we encourage individuals to participate, it is not required. These groups are more importantly about connecting and enjoying the time. Whatever their bodies need to do to feel safe is of the upmost importance.

When I register for events, do I have to sign up for myself and my child?

No, parents are not required to register. Registration is based per child participating in the event. Any additional donations to the charity are always appreciated.

Are volunteers required to register and pay for events?

No, volunteers are simply paying with their time unless they feel compelled to make a separate donation to the charity. Donations are always greatly appreciated.