We have attended 2 outdoor events organized by Rabun and my son had a very good time.  My son has been homeschooled due to Pans and the outdoor social activity gave him a chance to be with peers and feel part of ‘something’.  We eagerly look forward to the yoga.  Rabun is very caring and thoughtful and genuinely and deeply cares for our teens and young adults.


~Shalini S., mother of participant 


What a great opportunity for our kids to mingle with "neurologically typical" young adults--thank you rabun for being such a thoughtful and caring friend!!!!!


~Penya S., mother of participant


Here’s a venture being run by my friend and colleague Rabun Robertson. It’s a group for autistic young adults. It’s a really cool program, and Rabun is terrific! 


~Mike F., Counselor and father of participant



Rabun is probably Andrew’s favorite person on earth! She is truly the sweetest, most upbeat & genuine person I know. Rabun started an incredible social group for individuals with developmental disabilities and typically developing peers. This is such a needed activity in our community.  


~Lynn J., mother of participant 



Working with Rabun Robertson and all of these amazing humans I have been able to experience first-hand how fun, beautiful, and meaningful these groups are to everyone involved. 


~Kasey K., Therapist


It was so nice to be able to interact and do something together with a group of people that actually seemed to care. I really loved it, I loved everyones energy, and I really want to continue these meeting with everyone. 


~Alondra, High school Student from Duluth Highschool



So great, Rabun!!  All the thumbs up!!  So happy to support this wonderful effort!


~Lisa E., Owner of Chiropractic Practice in Atlanta, Ga. 


Congrats!!! I remember a conversation with you here in Virginia about this... your passion and commitment for the well being of all shines thru!! 


~Susan Pruyn, Mother of participant 


While so many amazing experiences are more and more available for members of the autism community - including Spellers - I agree with concern that they often remain isolated and separate experiences instead of integrated/combined. While not always possible or beneficial - on a whole of occasions and opportunities seems should be for sure and look forward to seeing what you and Two Thumbs up present to the world!


~Sarah Breaux


Calvin and I participated in both Zoom sessions this past weekend; we LOVED them! We got to known Rabun when she was a GKTC intern about 3 years ago. It was awesome to connect with her, as well as the other people in the sessions. We highly recommend!


~Elizabeth Reece, Mother of participant 


Rabun! This is so great. I remember you talking about wanting to do this years ago. It’s so great to see you walking in your purpose. My studio in Alpharetta is happy to host an event! 


~Parisa Hervani, Yoga Instructor and Studio Owner in Atlanta 


This is amazing. When I teach I feel so connected to all of the children. I am so grateful to be on board with this project. 


~Daniel Pascal, Tai Chi Instructor for Two Thumbs Up


Loved Reg’s yoga class. Ideal sequence of poses and class pace for all. Wonderful and calming. Absolutely recommend. This is welcoming for all. 


~Alex Hoke, Therapist and Volunteer 

So happy to have the support of Two Thumbs Up. It is a real community of joy and my loved one can be himself and that is a rare jewel. I hope many more can join. 


~Angela, mother of participant

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"What a great opportunity for our kids to mingle with "neurologically typical" young adults -- thank you!

— Penya S., Mother of young adult on autism spectrum

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