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The beauty behind our cause is to provide our members on the spectrum and those with other disabilities an opportunity to connect with same age peers as volunteers. We are all learners and teachers alike, and together we can not only raise awareness of who we are but learn to accept one another for what makes us unique. The activities we provide are also there for you to enjoy and join in on the fun! We encourage you to be a part of this meaning experience and become a part of our community! 


In order to volunteer for Two Thumbs Up sponsored events and activities, all volunteers and parents/guardians of teen volunteers are required to sign a waiver. 

Please contact us via email if you're interested in volunteering. An e-signature document of the below waiver will be sent for signature. 

"I had a brother with a mental illness and he never had opportunities like this, so in a way, he is my inspiration for doing this. I've also noticed huge shifts in settings where there is a diverse group of teens and young adults participating in regulating and fun activities together. It's amazing to see how something so simple can have a large impact on someone's life."

Dr. Rabun Robertson, Founder

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